About Us

Via Veritas Vita = The Way. The Truth. The Life. 


VIA • VERITAS • VITA is a Lifestyle Brand founded on the faith that God gives us life for relationship with Him. And we build that life on Christ. It changes everything about how we live.


This community is a fellowship of encouragement in your daily walk:


  • Join us in reading the Bible with our Verse and Chapter of the Day

  • Enjoy tangible sip-by-sip reminders with a VITA Life Bottle

  • Adopt some of our healthy habits and nutrition tips


Our goal is to hold each other accountable, as we discipline ourselves to develop consistent behaviors that intentionally lean in, so the Lord can produce abundant fruit of joy and love.


Let's seek Him throughout the day, talk with Him about everything, and trust Him with our hopes and fears. Let's take our thoughts captive, control our eating and exercise regiments, and nourish our spirit with worship, prayer and reading the Word. Let's purge any arrogant or vile way in us. Let's not shy away from the challenge of being refined, sifted, pruned, purified, proven and ultimately transformed by the Holy Spirit. Let's accept grace. Halleluljah!