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VITA 32oz Glass Christian Water Bottle (BLUE)

VITA 32oz Glass Christian Water Bottle (BLUE)

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Glass Water Bottle - Time Metrics - Gym Bottle - Sports Thermos - Reusable, Sustainable, Refillable - Non-Slip Grip, Narrow-Mouth Leak-Proof Lid - Workout Accessories for Women and Men - Cup Holder Friendly - Adjustable Carrying Strap with Holder
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How to Clean:

When your silicone sleeve gets dirty, you can easily remove it from the bottle. The best way to do this is to grab the upper part of the large side slits, lift up and pull over the lid area. Because it stretches, it will go back to the correct fit. The bottle will now be removed through the slit.

To put back on, place the bottom of the bottle into the bottom of the silicone, through one of the large side slits. Just as you did to remove, grab the top of the silicone, lift it up and pull over the bottle, aligning the lid are with the lid hole.

Is it Dishwasher Safe?

Yes. But keep in mind with a lot of wear and tear, the paint will eventually chip.